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Free shipping on ALL orders 🥳

SNOW Oral Care

A dentist-recommended oral care brand offering teeth whitening and strengthening products that actually work.

  • Latinx-Founded
  • Clean Ingredients
FOUNDER Josh Elizetxe
SNOW Oral Care

Behind the Brand

SNOW, the “Apple of oral care”, was founded by serial entrepreneur Josh Elizetxe. At the age of 13, Josh was learning how to code, and by the age of 22, Josh was the founder of a 40-person digital marketing agency that he sold prior to starting SNOW. The idea for SNOW was born when Josh was going through jaw surgery and needed to get braces multiple times. One of his biggest frustrations was keeping his teeth white, and there didn’t seem to be a good solution for it. After befriending his oral surgeon, Josh identified a gap in the teeth whitening industry. He noticed that all of the existing products on the market were ineffective, uninspiring, and clinical-looking. Sensing an opportunity, Josh decided to team up with his oral surgeon and create the world’s best teeth whitening system.

Josh spent months researching the oral care industry and testing various products after his surgery. He bought random teeth whitening strips on Amazon, analyzing reviews about what they were lacking and thinking of ways to improve them. He experimented with the whitening strips in his backyard, mixing them with different ingredients to test efficacy. After a lengthy product development process, Josh created the very first prototype for what would eventually become SNOW. His company, now a 9-figure business, sold a product every 23 seconds during the COVID pandemic and counts top celebrities as customers. By allowing people to achieve professional-level results from the comfort of their own homes, SNOW has now become one of the most popular teeth whitening systems in the world.

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