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A natural beverage brand offering certified organic, tea-based sparkling waters with zero sugars or sweeteners.

  • Clean Ingredients
FOUNDER Tommy Kelly & Salim Najjar

Behind the Brand

Sound was created by co-founders and former mechanical engineers Tommy Kelly and Salim Najjar. The brand was born out of Tommy’s obsession for healthy teas and sparkling water. In 2013, Tommy brewed up some yerba matte and put it through a soda stream he had recently purchased, resulting in a bubbly tea. He decided to bring it into work for his coworker Salim — a self-proclaimed health nut — who immediately fell in love with the drink. Sensing an opportunity, Tommy and Salim began to think about how they could turn this sparkling tea into a real company. 

Sound was originally launched in 2015 as “SodTerra”, but after receiving a lawsuit from DoTERRA, Tommy and Salim started to look into new name options. For the first 5 years of business, the majority of their sales came from stocking the employee pantries of tech giants like Google and Facebook, and in March 2021 they underwent a rebranding with design agency Red Scout. Countless reformulations and packaging iterations have brought the Sound team to where it is today — a fan favorite in the sparkling beverage category, with endorsements from celebrities like nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and features on the Today Show. Sound is on a mission to make sugar-free sparkling drinks that taste fantastic and give you peace of mind.

Meet the Maker

What has been your most unforgettable moment (good or bad) while building your company? - +

SALIM: So many to choose from! One of the best good moments was Expo West 2022 which was the coming out party for our rebrand and launch of our newest flavor! It also was the first time our entire Sound family (at the time) was together post COVID which was special. One of the worst moments was finding out that can ends of our newest flavor Lemon started exploding at the co-packing facility and we lost the entire run.

TOMMY: One of the most memorable moments early in the business was winning the award for Best New Organic Beverage at Expo East and having a surprise feature in Bon Appetit drop the same day. In hindsight, these sorts of press clips and accolades are negligible, but at the time — with the champagne literally popping around us — it felt like such a major “we’ve arrived” moment. Obviously, the work had hardly even started!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? - +

SALIM: Some sort of wellness activity which can include mediation, yoga, travel, community hangs, biohacking and much more!

TOMMY: Being with my family (I have two boys: 2 and 4) and doing something active outside like going for a hike, to the beach or even just for a walk.

What is an essential part of your daily routine? - +

SALIM: Meditation & yoga.

TOMMY: Getting at least a few minutes of quiet before the kids wake up to ground myself and mentally prepare for the day is always huge in terms of getting things started on the right trajectory.

What is your biggest pet peeve? - +

SALIM: Leaving things messier than they were found.

TOMMY: When people talk over others.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? - +

Salim: I took ballet, tap dancing and gymnastics classes as a child.

Tommy: I buy ~50x more books than I actually read.

What do you want to be remembered for? - +

SALIM: Leaving the world a better place through sharing of education around mental health & wellness.

TOMMY: Being an involved parent, present husband and a business leader at the intersection of brand building and social impact.

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