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A better-for-you alcohol mixer brand offering an all-natural, flavorful way to upgrade your drinking experience.

  • Female-Founded
  • Black-Founded
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Sustainable Practices
FOUNDER Alex Doman & Dee Charlemagne

Behind the Brand

AVEC was founded by Alex Doman and Dee Charlemagne, former Columbia Business School classmates who met on their first day of their program. While most of their fellow classmates intended to go into finance or consulting post-graduation, Alex and Dee were both entrepreneurially-minded and frequently discussed business ideas together. Alex had been working as a management consultant in the food and beverage industry when he came to a sudden realization: there were better-for-you alternatives for almost every category imaginable, whether it was plant-based milk or low-calorie ice cream, but there had hardly been any innovation in the mixer category. He began to dream up a mixer that contained real fresh fruit and natural botanicals with low sugar and zero concentrates. Alex pitched the idea to Dee, who had worked in advertising for the previous decade, and the duo decided to pursue the concept together.

Neither Alex nor Dee had created a product before, so they initially experimented with recipes at home but later brought on a formulator to help them develop a commercially-viable product. They won $10,000 from a Columbia pitch competition that went to their first production run, and just one day after their graduation, Alex and Dee found themselves with 40,000 cans of AVEC mixers. They shipped out all of their early orders from their small Brooklyn warehouse, with Alex delivering product to retail stores in a $1,000 Chevy van that they had bought on Craigslist. Boosted by features in the New York Times and Food & Wine, Alex and Dee ended up selling 100,000 cans and selling out 4 times in their first year. Today, AVEC has grown into a market leader in the better-for-you mixer category, offering healthier and tastier versions for the modern drinker.

Meet the Maker

What has been your most unforgettable moment (good or bad) while building your company? - +

Alex: So many to choose from, both good and bad! I'll give one of each. Bad - supply chain nightmares in COVID were super depressing. Nothing worse for an entrepreneur than being out of stock for long periods of time. We had two months out of stock because of the aluminium crisis. Good - being Food & Wine's 2021 Mixer of the year. We had an epic double page spread article all about us complete with lovely words and pictures. I had to pinch myself.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? - +

Alex: How much time do I have? Nothing is better than traveling but we can't travel every day. For shorter, less expensive moments I love having a drink, a bite to eat, or even exercising with friends; otherwise I love cooking and will read whenever I can.

What is an essential part of your daily routine? - +

Breathing. Absolutely key.

What is your biggest pet peeve? - +

Alex: In NYC - I can handle the crazy people, terrible smells and lack of working anything - but the all birds x grey gilet combo? Just, why? (they're sooo comfy is not a valid answer).
In people - is it just me, or are people starting to use the same terminology? People are just re-using the same phrases over and over again. I blame TikTok. Not only is the English language under-siege but the very building blocks are getting meme-ed. If I see ""run don't walk"" in another article about something no one cares about...
In the USA at large - why Fahrenheit? I haven't met one American who knows both the boiling point and freezing point in Fahrenheit.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? - +

Alex: I'm effectively tone deaf - karaoke is my biggest fear. Bonus point: I'm a closet Manchester United fan - which I'm very embarrassed about (I grew up in London).

What do you want to be remembered for? - +

Alex: Being a great dad. Corny, I know. It's that or being known for being a great cook.

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